Back-up and Disaster Recovery

At Navalogic, we specialize in backup and disaster recovery consulting, crafting tailored strategies to keep your business resilient. From data backup solutions to contingency planning, we ensure the best aligned solutions for your business.

What we can offer you

To be in business today is to rely on data: your schedules, your order logs, your customer info, your marketing material — it’s all made from bits of data. And since storms, floods, and fires are as threatening to daily operations as cybersecurity exploits, you need a comprehensive and multilayered plan that does more than protect your data: you need one that keeps you on your feet through breach or storm.

Our Back-up and Disaster Recovery consulting services provides businesses and organizations with a clear plan that dramatically minimizes downtime in the wake of disaster.

Navalogic can help you with:

Time for a change?

We'll assess your current IT & business capabilities and needs. After that, we'll work with you to craft a tailored solution that fits your business and your budget